The Somme and the Age of Anniversaries


One of my proudest achievements as a journalist was to have led our data unit’s World War I project. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission kindly supplied us with the records of all the servicemen and women from Britain and the Empire – now the Commonwealth – who were killed in the Great War.

We used it to create these widgets where you can search for the names of those who died, or who died in your area.

That was for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I in the summer of 2014.

Since then we have gone back to the records as the anniversaries of Gallipoli, Loos, Jutland and now the Somme have come and gone.

I’ve realised more fully now that we are entering into what I’d call the Age of Anniversaries. Continue reading “The Somme and the Age of Anniversaries”

4 Observations from the EU referendum results

I spent a sleep-deprived Friday analysing the EU referendum results. Here are a few observations I made.

1. Remain areas tended to be better off and more qualified

The parts of Britain that voted Remain tended to be better paid and more qualified than areas that voted Leave. Almost all of the areas with the lowest weekly wages in Britain all voted to quit the European Union. Continue reading “4 Observations from the EU referendum results”