Telegraph Technology round-up: week 2

I perused Google's map of North Korea for one story
I perused Google’s map of North Korea for one story

On Friday I finished my second week at the Telegraph on the Technology desk. Happily I got just as much on the website as I did in week one. I’m very grateful to Matt Warman and Chris Williams for allowing me to come in and for all their help over the last fortnight.

Here is a quick run-down of what I’ve written this week:

1. Facebook was voted the world’s best employer according to Glassdoor

2. Continuing the Facebook theme, the social network has introduced emoticons in US users’ status update bars

3. Mark Zuckerberg is pressing for immigration reform and is trying to organise Silicon Valley in support

4. And finally…‘Facebook for pets’ launches

5. Switching social networks, Twitter is introducing a music app, Twitter Music.

6. Google has launched Map Maker in Britain. This means you can now edit Google Maps for Britain

6. Microsoft is withdrawing its support for Windows XP. IT companies are saying those companies should switch over, now

7. A security researcher claimed to be able to hijack planes using his Android phone at a conference in Amsterdam

8. And finally, five horror stories of in-app purchases where children have racked up enormous bills on their parents’ iTunes accounts


I have three weeks of holiday now. Except, of course, they won’t be the most relaxing of breaks because I have several deadlines on the horizon…


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