Islington round-up: week 2

The Islington Now newsroom is not quite this snazzy...Image: Antony Mayfield
The Islington Now newsroom is not quite as snazzy as the Telegraph…Image: Antony Mayfield, reproduced under Creative Commons. Available here.

We are now two weeks into running  Islington Now. This week I was Community Editor. That meant I was responsible for IN’s Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. The goal was to use them to engage with people, broadcast stories and continue to build a community.

I established a Google+ page, but it was quickly clear that few Islington people were on that platform. Still, it’s good to experiment. If an Islington community ever does establish itself there, we’ll be there early. The earlier you get to a community, generally the more likely it is that you can shape it and carve out a prominent position.

Jess Denham, the Deputy Community Editor, and I started to schedule tweets with TweetDeck. This is useful for two reasons. Firstly, it means you can stay active on social networks away from “the office”. The times you might not be in the office, such as rush hour and dinner time, are well-known in news organisations for providing spikes in traffic. We scheduled Facebook posts as well. We tried to emulate news organisations like the Telegraph by posting photos with links because that improves your EdgeRank.

A video I verified of a cyclist pointing out potholes in Islington got some good feedback on Twitter:

Anyway, next week’s Community Editor is Henry Kirby. I think I’ll be Deputy Online Editor. Check back next week to see how I got on.


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